Query Letter #2 and Reflections

Just sent out a query letter to JABberwocky Literary Agency. I'll know in one to four weeks what they think. As I was browsing their news, I noticed they had Elizabeth Moon listed. That is one of those interesting things in life that has no impact on my acceptance or even decision to pick there.

If I had to pick a favorite book, it would be Elizabeth Moon's Paksenarrion. I end up reading all 1,024 pages of the trilogy every three to four months. I even named one of my cats Paksenarrion. Of course, Fluffy just calls her Paks because no one wants to use the full name. And, it is the only story that doesn't follow my hundred rule. That is, I have to read a hundred books after a book before I can pick it up again, because I remember all the scenes in order and already know what is happening next. I mean, I remember what's going to happen, but I just don't care. I just love that story that much. She is also my inspiration for how the gods finds their champions, their paladins. Or how the gods work in the world. It's colored some of my writing and my storytelling, but that's okay, because I really do love the book.

*sigh* Well, in several weeks, I'll be surprised by a letter in my post mailbox and tear it open in hopes to seeing good things. Until then, I'm working on a short story set in the same world as Muddy Reflections, called (uninterestingly) The New Girl at the moment. Just an exploration of steampunk and magic, and of a teenager finding out about the first stirrings of love. I might submit it to the Steampunk Magazine, but I don't know how they'll handle the magic aspect of my world. I'm also pretty anxious for my Machine of Death submission, but I won't get that response for another month or two.