Finished The New Girl (formerly known as Engines)

Yeah, I renamed it, but it made sense at the time. Now, its about a new mage being involved with recharging one of the engines in my Fedora world. Rather short, only a couple thousand words, but I was happy with it. I think I'm going to submit it to the steampunk magazine, it won't hurt, but naturally I forgot to check it into SVN from my home machine, so I can't get it here to submit it.

Shining Force Exa is still addictive. :)

Other than that, I didn't do much. We avoided my mother this weekend, mainly because the Easter thing. Neither Fluffy or I celebrate Easter. Actually, I don't celebrate anything, not even my own birthday it seems. But, my mother wanted us over to visit our brother, and I wanted to spend a nice weekend being romantic with Fluffy, watching B5 season 3, playing video games, and writing. So, I spent a romantic weekend with Fluffy, watched B5 season 3, played video games, and wrote instead of visiting my brother.