Reflections and Gifts

Last night, fightertype accidentally kicked and shattered Fluffy's toenail last night in Hapkido. Spent an hour going out to get bandages to wrap it up properly. Nothing hospital-worthy, but I'm glad I remember first aid from my brief stint in Boy Scouts.

Heard back from Steam Punk Magazine. Actually, what I got was a very nice surprise. It was a rejection, the original was just a slight and honest mistake and I was glad to get that confirmation. Actually, it was the unrequested email a half hour later from them with an offer to critique the story that completely floored me. You know, it would have never occurred to me to ask someone I submit a story for feedback like that, but it was really nice to see that someone was willing to do it. It came from them reading my blog and noticing my... um... rants about lack of feedback, so apparently I was a bit more passive aggressive than I was planning on being. So, kudos and many heart-felt thanks to magpie (I don't have a link) and Steam Punk Magazine.

Browsing the web, I saw that the next White Wolf quarterly submission contest is up. I noticed that One Regret looked a little long at three thousand words, so they may be aiming for the 1-3 thousand word entry range, but that isn't listed. I already have the next one planned, A Father's Choice, so I'll probably be writing that by the due date of May 11, 2007.

Worked on Wind, Bear, and Moon last night. Okay, and slightly into the morning. What ended up being a "give Fluffy a half hour head start to sleepy land" turned into "spend four hours writing and getting involved with an online Exalted game." Exhausted, but very happy that I finished chapter three. I'm hoping to get up to 15 by the end of the weekend, but that might be curtailed by a birthday party. I'm also realizing, that I really like describing my engines with all the grease and smoke. The little details, like getting grime on the character's hands is really making me smile as I write it.

» Wind, Bear, and Moon Rewrite: 0.088 (3 / 34 chapters)
» Summer Biking: 0.104 (41.6 / 400 km)