Weekend Fun

Didn't get much writing done at all this weekend. Maybe a thousand words on Friday and not much else. Fluffy wasn't up to exercising so, for the first time, I went to the health club by myself. Despite being sick and unable to swallow, I actually did a decent 1.45 miles in 30 minutes. And I can pull at least eighty pounds without too much trouble.

On Saturday, I had a great gaming session. I was afraid I wouldn't make it, but I actually talked for nearly ten hours solid without too much trouble. Thank god for cough drops and lots of liquid. And way too many cans of Diet Coke. I had a lot of fun and everyone laughed throughout the game, so frankly I consider that the important parts.

Most of Sunday, I played Wii until my arms hurt and PS3 when they did. Fluffy dragged me out to go tile shopping and we found some lovely pieces of tile we might be putting in our living room. Though, the saleman thought that tiling the floor of a living room was very "strange." Anyone seen it before or have opinions on putting tile down in living rooms? Monday was the same, except for the fourteen mile bike trip that Fluffy "inflicted" on me. After that, it was PS3, a movie, too much sushi, and moaning about not wanting to get up.

Fluffy read the first two chapters of my book, My Father's Bike and had some nice compliments. It jumps around too much for her, since I made it topic-based instead chronological. I might consider switching it, but the formatting conventions aren't there yet. I also found out Machine of Death is extending the reading time by a month, so I won't hear any results until July.

Other than that, I'm going to write a bit this week, play a few games, and maybe get in a bit of programming. Fightertype told me that I did her Itrifore world in Hero System 5th Edition, she'd run it, so I'm playing around with how to set up her world to fit that game mechanic.

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