Orthogonal Writing

I almost got up to my goal in writing this weekend. I was doing great on Friday. Didn't even really play games, but then I decided I wanted to write a couple short stories for submissions. So, I ended up writing three of them. Well, the third was just for fun. So, I did lots of writing but not on the novel I should have been working on. I better keep track of that, I might be stalling or doing everything but what I should be writing again. I did pick up a couple books on metawriting, which I suspect will tell me I'm doing everything wrong on My Father's Bike. Fluffy says that I'm being really honest with the book and she likes the tone of it, but it is so hard to write this. It is a memoir, sort of, coupled with philosophy and I'm struggling since I can't control the characters or what I think will take a bit to explain I end up doing fairly quickly. Or, in the words of the Fifth Element:

"I have a doubt."

In other news, I also picked up a 24" widescreen LCD monitor. It handles 1080p properly. I'm going to grab the computer speakers from work and I should have a properly setup PS3 game system with a reasonable-sized monitor. I'm only using a 27" TV right now, so I doubt I'll really notice the difference. And a pair of powered computer speakers are comparable to a set of built-in speakers on the TV. I'm looking to that, but not the eight or more loads of laundry I should be folding tonight.

Oh, if you ever consider getting a Netgear Storage Central (SC101), don't. It's a piece of shit. Windows-only, doesn't play with Macs, doesn't like the drivers on my HP machine, and basically is nearly impossible to set up.

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