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Plots, Puppies, Paychecks, and Problems

Still sick. Gaming was fun, not as exciting as the one before it, but it basically introduces a bunch of new characters and adds to the general plot going forward for the next couple of sessions. Call it a "wind up" session. In that aspect, I felt pretty good about it. However, my voice started to give out near the end of it and my ear hurt most of the day. On Sunday, Fluffy finally convinced me to go out for... things below and my ear still hurt, so I got a doctor's appointment and found out that I have an ear infection. So, two more antibotics for a total of four in eight weeks and three days of swimmer's ear. Hopefully, this one will actually work properly.

As for "things below." Even though we still talk about Dante, Fluffy found a puppy by random wanderings of friends. So, on Sunday, after she spent three days driving an hour to visit the little brat, we picked up a new Keshound puppy named Inigo, named after his psuedo uncle, Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. He has a black face and black socks, the rest of him is silver. Everyone at home and at work is cooing over him but I'm just glad the random messes will cut down in a month or two. If I can, I'll post a picture of the little tribble so you can see what the big deal is. I still miss Dante, more than anyone else in my life at this point, but I'm very happy that Inigo will fill in at least some of the void that aches at Fluffy's heart. In my case, I'll just get a bigger heart to fit Dante's memory and the new ones with Inigo.

We got two paychecks this week, only seven behind now. That means that I might be tiling my living room and altar room much sooner than planned, or I'll be saving it up to pay next months bills. I suspect both, because it would be really, really nice not to housebreak a puppy on nasty carpet.

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