My Father's Bike: (28,567 / 40,000 words)
Wind, Bear, and Moon Proposal: (0 / 26 weeks)
Muddy Reflections Reading: (0 / 26 weeks)
Summer Biking: (91.2 / 400 km)

There is something about holding a stack of paper and seeing Courier font across the entire page. Twelve point font and one inch margins. In a way, it makes me smile because it is the picture of doing something. More than anything else when it comes to writing is the typewriter-style font filling the page. Clean, white, and rather bland, but it represents everything I see in myself when it comes to writing. I normally write with the font, though I occasionally go for the proportional serifs, like Garamond, or more exotic fonts, but Courier, Courier is the font that I am a writer in.

Today, I got my package ready for Open Book Press and sent it out. Since Muddy Reflections is over 50,000 words, I sent them only three chapters, which came out to a depressing nineteen pages. I'd love to have sent out 50,000 words worth of chapters, that's nearly half the book, but when it comes to directions, I obey them usually to the letter. A quick visit to the post office and $1.38 later, it is out on its way. Now, the wait. The horrid wait of "months" until I get a response. On one side, I truly hope that they will love it and I will get another contract, like I did for my first book. In the other hand, I'm worried it will just end up another rejection. Once again, my writing is under the spotlight and I worry about coming up wanting. I also know that most of this worry is self-inflicted and entirely my fault. :) Remember, boys and girls, knowing about a problem doesn't mean you are immune to it.

In other sides of my world, I worked on Sprite3 last night. I got 250 bouncing sprites without killing my CPU and it is beginning to look like a real library now. I'm hoping to get mouse rollovers, clicking, and drag-and-drop done tonight. That will leave me 1-2 days to write the Planet Cute layout engine with just enough time to work on the CuteGod game itself next week.

I'm also trying a new progress bar.