Futurama made me cry

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Summer Biking: (91.2 / 400 km)

I love Futurama. I find the show pretty good, but last night, I found an episode that made me cry. It was about Fry's loved dog. The episode shows how the dog loved him, but when he finds out that it lived 12 years after he was frozen, he decides it had a good life and didn't need to be raised from the dead. Up to that point, I was enjoying the show though it wasn't my favorite. It was the scene where they show the dog waiting 12 years for Fry to return that brought tears to my eyes. I started crying, not because I remember Dante, but because it really brought me sorrow. Even when I tried to explain it to Fluffy, I started crying again.

That episode allow killed my programming for the night. I got next to no progress on Sprite3, despite my best efforts. I went to bed feeling impotent, sad, and basically useless. I know that I'll get it, and the deadline is completely arbitrary, but I wanted to get drag and drop done last night. Maybe tonight, though I suspect Fluffy is going to want some attention (instead of letting me obsess about a program library).

I'm pulling My Father's Bike off the progress list. I think that it needs to sit for a few months before I get around to it again. It isn't because of last night, but I realize that something "isn't right" and I just need to let it go for a while and come back to it, maybe I'll find my voice again on that. After the CuteGod/4E6 stuff, I'll start up the next one.