Dylan is Competitive

CuteGod Development: (12 / 172 requirements)
Wind, Bear, and Moon Proposal
Muddy Reflections Reading
Summer Biking: (135.1 / 400.0 km)

I did it. For the first time in three years of biking, I made the entire 10 km trip without stopping for a breather. I wouldn't have done it, except that Fluffy kept telling me that she could get up that last hill of Evil without stopping, so naturally I had to do as well or better than her. My front derailer needs a bit of love, I couldn't use the 1-1 (hill climber) at all without it slipping its chain so I had to really work to get up those hills. But, I did it, which means I'll do everything I can to keep on doing it.

Worked on CuteGod last night. A very frustrating, since I didn't really get anything done. I found a new website (FreeSound) with a ton of samples for noises using one of my favorite licenses, the Creative Commons. So, while I only got a small amount of things actually done, I started working on most of the sounds which is around fifteen of my so-called requirements. I started to get into it, but Fluffy made me go to bed, mainly because she is worried that I'm going to burn myself out working on this since I have this deadline she doesn't understand.

I modified my progress bars for status to actually do date calculations for me. I'm horribly lazy but I didn't like how I only updated the Wind, Bear, and Moon and Muddy Reflections status on Fridays. So, I went back, figured out what days I started, then updated the progress bar to automatically calculate the days for me. Remember, boys and girls, good programmers are lazy programmers.