Weekend of Cute and Gods

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I spent all weekend programming fairly obsessively. I didn't get anywhere near as much as I wanted to, but on Sunday, I got to what I would call is a "minimal game!" Very good news for me, since I won't have time to obsess for the next couple of weeks. But, things can calm down now that I got the basics and I'll probably be working to finish this (must finish!) within the next month or so.

Screenshots and more after the cut.

Here is what the game looks like when you start it up now. You have hearts (upper right) which is your health. When this goes below zero, that is the end of the game. The stars are your score, you get stars when you finish constructions. The little figures that have hearts on them are offering prayers to you, as the CuteGod.


Clicking on the heart gives you some hearts and shows you what they are looking for, as a grid of colors. You can see that it also shows up in the upper-left of the screen. The bottom squares are basically an overview of the entire map. Clicking on more than one prayer shows you all the active prayers. At this point, there is only one layout.


Th move the blocks, you move your mouse over until the little yellow selector lights up a block. To pick up, you click on the left mouse button, to drop, you click on the right. Later in the game, you'll be able to pick up more than one at a time (debugging cheat: press F7 to be able to pick up 3 at a time). The following screenshot shows a layout about to be completed, with only one block hovering in place. There is a bug that the lower-right is really the only thing that triggers the layout, so if you have one, just pick it up and drop it off. (So, bet you are wondering why I'm telling you how to play, right?)


When you drop it, you get a little construction stage! Yes, there are bugs with the text and stuff, haven't figured them out yet. After that stage, it brings you back to the game where you can see your new construction.

cutegod-103.png cutegod-104.png

This is much further along the game, with a lot of little selected prayers. You can see in the second screenshot that the prayer list zooms in when you put your mouse over, like the Mac OS X bar.

cutegod-105.png cutegod-106.png

So, the directions. It isn't complete, hell it isn't even that complicated, but I have a alpha version of the game uploaded if you are interesting in trying it out. It is 26 MB in size, mainly because of the graphics and music.

Just uncompress it, it creates its own folder. Find the CuteGod.exe file and double-click. If all goes well, it should actually run after a somewhat reasonable pause (really need a loading screen). If it doesn't, I'm not sure. While there is nothing malicious in the code (that I know of), please be aware that I don't know if something terrible will happen.