Lovely Problems Starting...

Well, things seem to be starting toward a brief spat of annoying things. We came home to find our refridgerator appears to be not working properly. In fact, it is not keeping cold things cold. And, since I like to believe I'm not in a consumable environment, I decided to call on an appliance repair instead of just going out and buying a new one. Hopefully, it is something small and insignificant, or my already taxed bank account will be more taxed.

Also, I think we changed things a bit too much for our kitties. We want to try toilet training them, but they haven't really gotten going so far. We tried setting up boxes in the bathrooms but they aren't using it yet. I might try a more normal-looking box if I have to go out for a new fridge today.

One of my lights in my office (1 of 4 + a fan) that is on the switch died last night. It was only a 30 USD lamp, but I like a very well-lit office (1-150 equiv watt florescent, 2-75 equiv watt florescent, and a 5-bulb chandelier, 40 watts each). Haven't gotten the chandelier in florescent mainly because I just recently found small bases for those. Yeah, I like bright rooms, but it hurts to work in dim rooms for me.

We also moved their cat food. It used to be on the sun porch, which is rather hot and humid. One of our kitties, Trillian, didn't appear to be eating there, so we moved it inside. Now, only one of the cats is eating from it. This morning was the first time I saw Chloe actually eating from it and I had to put her there. Paks (short for Paksenarrion) is the only one who appears to actually be eating from it. I'll buy a new bag of cat food and see if the low allergy stuff rotted on the sun porch (which is possible) or spoiled. Again, if I go out to get a new fridge.

Other than that, I updated my theme for Its a much different them than I'm normally used to, but it was inspired by a few things. One, dark themes require less energy to display than white themes. Yeah, the savings will be about 0.000000001 USD per page, but every little bit helps and I think it is the right direction to go. Also, I thought it had a quaint look to it. Later, I'm going to write some Javascript to change the top part based on the time of day, that way if you visit the site at night, you'll get a night scene or something.

It also leads into my plans for today (barring the refrigerator): to create a comic updating script to see if I can queue up some of these comics and get ahead. Fightertype has been pressing me to first do ten ahead, then start releasing them. However, my lack of confidence in creating visual arts means I'll be releasing them as soon as I finish, or on a Thursday schedule, whatever is slower. I appear to be reinventing the wheel, mainly because I couldn't find any good comic updating scripts on Freshmeat and it isn't that much work to do something that gives me the features I want: queued updates, script breakdown, comments, and potential language translations. It is unlikely that this will be popular, but it is things I think are important.