Submissions I noticed...

At GenCon, I saw a call for submissions for East Asian-based settings, folklore, and history. Looks like a lot of fun plus the quality of the books looked pretty interested. I grabbed their Sails and Sorcerery book which is on my Read and Review list.

I also noticed a call for cliche lycanthrope stories from someone's livejournal blog. Can't remember who, but this is one of those "if you don't hear from us, you didn't make it" type of call.

And, thre is also the Wizards of the Coast Discoveries call for submissions. That looks like a very good one, for novels, and I'm planning on doing NaNoWriMo to write it. So, it looks like my next novel is going to be in 1.5 months. I'm actually pretty excited, though I'm aiming for 100k words instead of the minimum 50k. I just need to clear a lot more off my plate before that.

I'm anxiously awaiting the feedback from Mirrorstone though I'm worried what scienceprincess said about Wind, Bear, and Moon. Plus, I sketched out the full five-book series that I originally planned. I'm also hoping the answer from Steampunk Magazine comes back positive; I am pretty happy with that story.

I also just got another story commission, which will help with my tight money problem. Nothing like writing a $100 story because someone likes your writing that much. Helps with the ego, you know.