Slight Progress on Stuff

Worked on Another Werewolf's Tail a bit. Would anyone be interested in reading a cliche werewolf tale for me? I also worked my Glorious Saber comic and got two more comics, just in time for #9 to be released. That puts me two ahead this week and closer to my goal of 10 in the queue.

Still struggling with BooGame. Trying to get fonts working properly; why in the world did I think this is a good idea? :) Actually, I know why I think it is a good idea, I can only hope that it will be worth it and I'm not struggling with antiquated ideas or programming concepts that are five years out of date.

Summer Biking: (236.7 of 400.0 km)
Change of Honor (1 of 3 rounds)
Another Werewolf's Tail (2 of 3 rounds)
Commissioned Work (493 of 10,000 words)