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Science, Spiders, and Kitting-Themed Muffins!

Just random things I found while going online.

The international standard for a kilogram is losing weight, about 50 µg since they started. For most people, this has absolutely no impact on anything they do, but the weight of a fingerprint is a rather serious amount for scientists. It also leads into the potential for a new baseline for a kilogram; I remember reading an article about this perfect sphere of crystal they are trying to make, based on the number of atoms inside it. The pictures of the sphere were awesome and would be kind of cool. Plus, the baselines change over time as technology finds a new way of representing something.

From kilograms to spiders. There is a gorgeous picture of a communal spider web of massive proportions.


The really neat part about this spiderweb is that it isn't just one spider, but hundreds or thousands of them, of different species, all working together. That is an impressive spiderweb.

And, just because I can, writing of weaving, I found a cute web site for making knitting-themed muffins. I don't know anymore just as I don't do cross-stitch, though I've done a lot of that as a teenager. Not to mention, I used to quite talented at cooking (lots of classes, straight A's too), so I can appreciate this.


Oh, and a snail.


Make yourself a great day today.

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