A eulogy for the dying...

Today, the fridge died.

Actually, we think it died a few days ago, but it took a while for us to realize that the nasty smell coming out of it wasn't the results of really bad cooking and more of the bloated remains of roadkill. And I mean nasty, the type where you walk into the kitchen a few minutes after someone opens the door and wonder if someone just built a land fill next door.

This is the same thing that happened a few weeks ago, so me and Fluffy decided it was dead, dead, dead.

Yesterday, I expressed my thoughts that I may have a bisque-colored corpse in my kitchen to my boss (she was working on Saturday and I was gaming on the same floor). She gave me a flippant response which basically means "no, we won't be getting money for at least a week if not more and yes, I don't want you to mention it will be 40 days since your last paycheck before you get another one." If you are curious, we are on a semi-monthly pay schedule, so I should be getting a check every 15-16 days. But, I need a new fridge, and buying a used one really won't do it for me. The last used fridge I got lasted almost three months! The one before that managed to survive eight months before dying completely.

So, today we get to go appliance shopping for something we really can't afford but really need. I can't help thinking that the universe is winding up for another 2x4 to tell me to change something because this last few months have been really hard on me.

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