Choices, choices

I need 11 work/home segments or 5.5 days to get my goal in biking. At 10 km per ride, it makes it a pretty even 110 km to go or just about that. It might be only 10 and something, but I'm not too worried. I think I can do it, though it will be a push to get it before it gets too nippy to really enjoy the bike riding. Unlike a Fluffy, who can work out five hours a week consistently, even an hour is a struggle for me.

I give five projects in the works right now, including two ongoing ones:

  • Sepia Throne, my Exalted game
  • College of Veils, the new Changling/Hero game I'm starting
  • CuteGod and related work with BooGame
  • Case of the Morning Zombies which I'm going to write in November
  • Ponies Among Us, my 4E6 entry

Of course, I also have my ton of open source projects, Debian work, and everything else. As it always seems, the end of the year is packed. Just packed. But, I don't think I can do all of that without burning out. So, I'm juggling the various things and seeing what I can handle. The two games are not that hard, most of them take less than a few hours during the week, then a day on the weekend (every two weeks and every four respectively). Morning Zombies is November and the beginning of December, so that is pretty well set.

It comes down to CuteGod verses Ponies. On one side, there is the rush of finally finishing something. CuteGod has been bothering me since I had to stop it, way back in July. But, all the hours I work on CuteGod are hours I don't work on 4E6 which is something I really want to succeed at. I want to succeed at CuteGod just as much. Goddess, I hate having to decide on my projects.

Summer Biking: (292.2 of 400.0 km)
Change of Honor (3 of 4 rounds)
Another Werewolf's Tail (3 of 4 rounds)