The path not chosen

Or, the decision could be a completely different one that I had planned. As I was trolling through my friends lists and my rather large RSS feed, I noticed a little entry for Amazon's novel contest. And, like most writers with a novel sitting on their shelf begging to be read, I had to jump on the bandwagon and registered to enter. The odds are too bad, 0.0006 (or 3 of 5,000) for getting at least in the semi-finals which is good enough for me. So, I'm going to beg/pressure/whimper to get some feedback on the novel, rewrite part of the first 50 pages, and submit everything. In the next seven days.

It's doable. Since I consider get published to be one of my major goals, I'll shuffle things around. CuteGod can wait.

Speaking of CuteGod, I took yesterday off to babysit my new refrigerator. It's so shiny, clean, and already smells of minced garlic, which was the only thing to survive the last one dying. While waiting, I decided that finishing CuteGod was more important than start with 4E6. Plus, some of the libraries I need for Ponies Among Us are also used by CuteGod and CuteGod is a much more limited subset of functionality. So, CuteGod first, then NaNoWriMo, then 4E6. And, somehow, I feel that this is a much more relaxed year's end compared to last year's.

Off the tangent again, I worked on CuteGod and got a lot of really good progress. Sadly, I wanted to make a little flash movie of what I've done so far, but my computer wasn't behaving. My laptop isn't OpenGL-accelerated and between the game and the screen capture, it simply can't handle the load. Maybe when I get home, I can make a video. It would be neat to see what everyone thinks.

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