College of Veils

Just finished the first, and very enjoyable, game session of the new game I'm running: College of Veils. It is a game based on Changeling, but using the Hero System, 5th Edition Revised. We had three players in the first round, Fluffy and Evyl. Ranger Tom also played, but I don't know what his LiveJournal id is. Hopefully, we'll have a few more players when we run again on November 4.

Now, one question might be why in the world I'm using Hero instead of World of Darkness. Well, because of that. The World of Darkness is not a cheerful game. I'd take out a lot of the rules for derangements, humanity, and a ton of other things to really make it a light-hearted theme. Coupled with the fact that everyone playing was interested in creating exactly what they want (we have a origami-master fox, a bunny with hammer space, and a unicorn in the game). And, I've always wanted to run Hero, so it just worked out.

Don't worry Exalted lovers, I still love Exalted too. Room enough in my heart for two systems, I swear!

One of the things that I always do in a game is give people a chance to keep up with experience. We are all adults and we can't always make every game. I already give half experience to those who can't make it (2 in this case from the 4 I gave out), but also chances for "catch-up" experience. In my Exalted game, this is thing like bringing something for everyone (or the DM Bribe as they call it), or updating their characters online. In this one, I'm not going to really do either, but I am going to give catch-up experience if the players write a in-character journal of the adventure and post it on the College of Veils LJ community site. So, if you want to see how it turns out, you could always watch and see if people have as much fun doing the journal as playing it.

Summer Biking: (326.1 of 400.0 km)