CuteGod Movie #1

You know, there is a difference between a five year old laptop with an "accelerated" ATI driver and a dual-core machine with twice the speed and a binary nVidia accelerated driver? For starters, while I couldn't even make the video of CuteGod at 4 shots per second on the laptop, I could make one at 20 shots per second on my computer and still not have my music skip a beat.

It took a while, but I managed to get a little flash video of CuteGod, or at least my version of CuteGod. Now, this isn't done, but it is getting fairly good looking at this point. I'd love feedback on it, mainly because it is basically the first time I showed off the program with the recent changes to BooGame and everything else.

There is a 14 MB flash video behind the cut.

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