PlanetCute woes and NaNoWriMo trepidations

Hit a roadblock on CuteGod and Sprite3. Apparently, my psuedo physics engine can't handle the bugs (the final stage penalty in the game) without a lot of screen breaking and really screwed up quirks. So, I need to go back and review how I built up the PlanetCute block engine and see if I can fix it without too much work.

In other words, I registered for NaNoWriMo. Yeah, I don't need to do it, but I just wanted to this year. Plus, it really comes down to the question if I can write a good novel in a third of the time I normally take?

Fluffy made me work out, which is good, but I hate that I still don't feel good after I work out. On the other hand, I can fairly comfortably walk 4 miles per hour for 10 minutes without going over 135 heart rate. A far improvement over the 150 heart rate for going 2.5 mph from the beginning of this year.

Summer Biking: (349.9 of 400.0 km)