Lovely Progress on CuteGod

Had a pretty productive day last night. Worked on polishing up CuteGod and it is starting to look very nice. Probably the most unimportant, but critical, thing I added was a proper loading screen. This let me get something up on the screen as fast as possible, then to load the rest of the textures in the background. Otherwise, there was this 5-10 second on this computer (10-15 on my laptop) delay before the screen started up.

CuteGod Loading Screen

After that, I added a new stage screen. This shows up after you finish a prayer and it tells you about what new complexity has been added to the game. Right now, I only have a few of them (5 out of 7) finished but I hope to get the rest of them done pretty quickly. If you would be so kind, please notice the lovely font, the edges and how it renders. That is basically what I spent a week working on, just getting fonts to render almost properly. It doesn't do character kerning of course, and ligatures are right out.

CuteGod New Stage

In the next couple of images, you can see advanced stages of the game. The grass is somewhat dead, you can see some sand, and a bit of brackish water. All of those bricks can be moved around just as normal, but you can't build on them so it gets harder to arrange stuff near the end of the stage.

CuteGod Dying Lands CuteGod Dead Lands

Finally, I took out my horrible implementation of getting stars to center on the icons and made it a much more appropriate gravity-based system. I didn't even have to look up how to use arctan, sine, or cos but it looks MUCH better. On my computer, the hearts and stars stream to the right place, but with the lower framerate they circle around in orbit. The following screen is me triggering the prayer completed stage over and over again until there are hundreds of stars. Like moving bricks around, I could do this for hours:

CuteGod Heart Swarm

From the looks of it, things are moving forward nicely. I'm still resisting the urge to work on the silly non-game related graphics since they work directly with Ponies Among Us but I need to finish the game. If I don't finish, its going to annoy me. I'm trying very hard to finish thing in life, not get endlessly new projects.

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