What do you do?

What do you do when you know a friend is going to get fired the next day? Do you honor your position as the vice president and let them be broad-sided or do you break the silence to give them a heads up? What if it is a done deal and no amount of arguing appears to forestall this? What if they are getting fired because they don't agree with the boss? What if they are getting fired because their moral is so low from being five months behind in pay? What if the boss expects a Japanese-like loyalty to the company without paying them? Do you take account their loyalty for a decade of work?

In a game, it would be pretty obvious which one to pick. In this case, I don't know. It feels like her warnings of a "dire" meeting is going to involving probably two of the above friends losing their jobs because of decisions she made that I feel are self-centered and actions of a sociopath. I was told myself that I am not to disagree with her in public about this. If I do, I might find myself fired. My own job is threatened if I speak my opinions or disagree with her.

What is the right answer?

My boss is wrong. She may not be wrong in the aspect of needing to clean house or simplify the company. She is wrong in how she treats the employees that have been with the company for 10, 15, 20 years (I'm officially been with the company 21 years). Anyone who has been with the company less than two years is automatically on the "pay on time" schedule and she jumps through hoops to pay them. Anyone past two years has watched their paychecks get further and further behind, with brief spats of catching up, for the last two years. Now, she wants to fire someone who disagrees with her and wants to get paid. I've already been told that I need an "attitude adjustment" because I "gang up on her" for spending $400,000 to buy a company she knows nothing about. I've been yelled at because I vocally disagree that she choses to focus on the company that loses nearly a million a year for the last two years to the exclusion to the one that made two million dollars this year..

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