Awesome Writing Day

I had a great writing day. Absolutely great, given the rest of the day sucked. Ended up belting out around 7,000 words. Too bad it wasn't on my NaNoWriMo novel. But, I did finish my commission and got the first draft of Thomas the Baker done. I also did a filler comic for Glorious Saber. Fluffy says "its a good start" which means I didn't quite make it. But, Thomas is suppose to be humor which I always struggle with. So, I'll work on it today and tomorrow but I'm sending it on Sunday to Twisted Ink since it is due on the 4th. I figured I'll write today and tomorrow, get the rest of my stories done. On Sunday, I'm running College of Veils.

That means on Monday, I start NaNoWriMo! Five days behind probably isn't that bad, a couple really good writing days and I'll catch up. Still fun though, I love writing. It is like shooting drugs directly into my brain some days and I can't imagine why I'd pick up any other hobby when I have something so intense at my disposal.

*is in a very good mood*

Best Laid Plans (0 of 3,000 words)
Thomas the Baker (2,525 of 5,000 words)
Commission (Done at 4,497 words)