Ton of links and self-pride

Well, I got my plate cleared off. I sent Change of Honor to Fantasist Enterprises, Best Laid Plans to White Wolf, Thomas the Baker to Twisted Ink, Hidden Room to Manifesto Games, Another Werewolf's Tail to Dark Recesses Press, finished a commission, and did a lot of writing. I even had a chance to run my Changeling game on Sunday. Not bad for basically the first week of NaNoMoWri. Maybe I should actually sit down and actually write the novel? Heh, most of these were to get me back up to speed with writing and get me in the frame of mood. Tomorrow, I start the novel as soon as I get home and I know I have a lot of catching up to do.

Somewhere in there, I also did a bit of work on CuteGod to take into account some of the comments on my forum. While I'm not a professional artist, there are two ways of doing artwork. In CuteGod, I took Danc's tiles and did color changes and some swirlies to come up with the tiles he didn't make. Mainly the dead tiles and the immobile blocks. To my surprise, there are actually people who use greyscale monitors and there was a good point that blue/green colorblind people can't play my game. I had no clue people still used grayscale monitors. So, I dusted off my artistic skills and effectively traced over Danc's water tiles to make something that looks a bit more distinct in greyscale mode.

Water Comparison Water Comparison - Grayscale

Now, these aren't as impressive as Danc's, but I thought they turned out pretty well for the time being. The upper left one is Danc's, the upper right is my version of Danc's water tile. They aren't perfect, but since I don't use Microsoft Expressions, I had to use Inkscape to redo the tile. The lower left is the sealed water. This is used when a layout uses a water tile, but has the water tile on top. The one on the lower right is my "brackish" or dead water. The second set of images are what it looks like in black and white; the thumbnail doesn't really do it justice.

So, in short: I had a fantastic writing week, a little bit of graphics, and I'm raring to get started on NaNoWriMo tomorrow.

Case of the Morning Zombies (NaNoWriMo, 0 of 100,000 words)