2,611 words and 9 chapters to go

I had a great writing day today. The chapters I worked on flowed like honey and the descriptions came out with a wonderful clarity that I was just happy about it. Of course, I highly suspect writing a sex scene (which I feel I am *very* good at) didn't really hurt with getting the words out. Well, it was part of the story and had a reason, honest. :)

Already thinking about the changes I want to make to CuteGod next week and Ponies Among Us the week after. Some of them are pretty simple, a update tool for CuteGod though I might use the strength of PhysicsFs a bit more and package the assets into a zip file; that should simplify the update process and make it a bit easier to do the changes I need to do.

For Ponies, if things go well, I might be creating a couple secondary programs as part of the "steps" for finishing the game. From appearances, I think I'll create a character creator for Glorious Saber since I"m using the same graphics style for both. Plus, it would speed up the process of making characters for that comic. If I put a poser in there, it would really simplify things. I also might make a fighting game for Glorious Saber, mainly because the jumping and fighting engine for Ponies would be a superset of what you expect in a simple three round fight game. Not sure, but it seems like a reasonable start.

Well, another two days like today and I'll have Case of the Morning Zombies wrapped up. Another day tomorrow and I should hit my NaNoWriMo goal. Overall, I'm having a good day.

And, sadly, I think the main reason I had so much luck today is because I sat down and played a damn game instead of working all night!. *sigh* I hate it when the obvious smacks me in the head.

Case of the Morning Zombies (NaNoWriMo, 47,389 of 50,000 words)
Case of the Morning Zombies (47,389 of 75,000 words)