14k to go

Ah, vacations. Two weeks off to do everything that's been building up. Lots of time to finish up Case of the Morning Zombies, get another round of CuteGod, and get ready to start work on Ponies Among Us. I'm in day three of my vacation and let me check my list...


I've managed to play twelve game demos, listen to a bunch of soundtracks, think about a game system I killed a long time ago, and slept an average of twelve hours a day for the last five days. I've run one Changeling game and get ready for my Sepia Throne. I've also played in Fightertype's Exalted game.

I'm struggling, as I always do, with too many projects at the end of the year. Too many things I want to get done verses too many things I committed myself to getting done. Right now, I give it a 0.4 chance that I'll get Case of the Morning Zombies ready for submission by the end of December, but I'm still going to try for it. I also really, really want to get Ponies started, even if I break it up into multiple sub projects.

Only fourteen thousand words until I hit my NaNo goal and eleven chapters left until I finish the book. I hate the story and yet I like it, I hate how I seemed to have lost my voice partially from feedback I got and partially because I lost how I write. It seems... flat. I think my writing style is changing recently and Case is really showing it. I don't want to put in the twelve paragraphs of descriptions, but I still yearn for the flowing descriptions that set up my scene. I hate that somehow I forgot how to type and constantly swap letters I know shouldn't be swapped. It's like my fingers forgot how to type and I've gone through three keyboards this month trying to find one that is comfortable on my fingertips.

Well, got to finish this story and get Glorious Saber done.

Case of the Morning Zombies (NaNoWriMo, 36,059 of 50,000 words)
Case of the Morning Zombies (36,059 of 75,000 words)