My Father

I talked to my father this weekend. It was actually kind of strange. Things are being shuffled in his life and also in mine, so we decided to wipe some of the bad blood between us clean and just move forward. It was kind of nice and also kind of scary. I will admit, I've never felt like I was close to him, but then he said that he could "always talk to me" because we had so much in common. I mean, I know that, that was the entire point of me writing My Father's Bike, but it never really hit me before that time that I'm still in that book. Maybe the reason I couldn't finish it is because I haven't found the end in my own life?

So, from famine to flood, I'm going to be seeing him twice in the next month. Once just for dinner and to talk, then for the holidays. We even came up with a shopping list for everyone but me (apparently I want not much in the price range is spending).

But, it's still nice and makes me want to finish My Father's Bike by next year.

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