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Mandate of Heaven and Science

I saw on the random news sites I listen to that the House and Senate have been working hard on the budget and slashing one of the more critical, in my opinion, budgets: science. I know politics is a juggling game, but it is sad to see exactly how many things were slashed or cut with the budget, mainly because of the drain from other sources. It also hits personally since my father is directly affected by the cut. He is doing some really interesting things out there, but I'm sure the same troubles that are going to hit Fermilab are going to hit his laboratory also.

In other news, I was trolling... I mean, reading the White Wolf forums for random tibits when I saw a conversation that lead into something I personally was interested with. I like the idea of Mandate of Heaven, but the rules were unplayable in our game. So, I... subtly mentioned that I was working on a replacement set of rules. And, to my utter surprise, someone liked it! More than one somebody, actually. So, that was really cool and it makes me want to work on those mechanics again. Nothing like comments to fuel the creativity, right?

Plus, anything to avoid working on the computer game apparently.

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