Everything but what I should have done

One bloody thing left on the character builder and I find everything else in the world to work on except for that one blood thing! *sigh* Today was productive, I managed to do four Glorious Saber strips which should give me breathing room to work on other things. Hopefully they'll be fun, but it was pretty easy to make and I took some liberties to speed up the graphics creation.

I think the reason I'm struggling with this last bit is I can't really test it yet. It works in theory, but theory doesn't really answer everything, does it? Basically, I'm trying to write something that handles the set animations, like breathing in and out, jumping and maybe even landing. The type of stuff that shouldn't be used with a physics engine but add little details to the game. I know what I need to do, I just haven't done it, so I'll probably put it on pause.

Tomorrow, I'm doing the lunch thing with work. I'll probably spend the money to make carmael cheesecake, though its getting a bit tight now. I probably shouldn't have gotten a haircut, but it was only a couple mile walk (one car with the Saturn still in the shop) and I needed the excercise. Yeah, things are a bit rough right now, got no monies and haven't finished shopping either, but its something that just kind of hit me all at once. I'm trying not to complain, or to blame the obvious person who doesn't pay me on time. After two decades of this, I should have managed a bit better but I just simply couldn't handle the garage door and both cars being repaired on top of (new) college bills.

Well, I'm happy I got four comic strips done and all but one thing. Tomorrow... well, Friday, I'll start on Kitteh Braik. That way, even if I don't get the dynamic world building done, I can build the stages out by hand for Ponies Among Us.

Character Builder (91%)
World Builder (2%)
Kitteh Braik (0%)
Case of the Morning Zombies (Edit #1, 0 of 37 chapters)