Writing makes me whole

Well, I'm not really sick anymore. Today, my creativity came back and I had a pretty good time of trying to figure out vector and physics systems. The minimum to get my characters standing up looks like they are done, which means I should be able to display a character on the screen in a couple of days. If things go really well, I'll have someone walking around by the end of next week.

I also wrote a short story, which as usual and I completely forget, made me feel better. Writing makes me whole, I think that is the best way of saying it. If I'm depressed, writing makes it go away. Apparently, when I'm sick, it really helps with the blahs of recovering. It isn't a great story, but it already had a compliment on the Kingdom of Loathing game forums, so I'm just excited.

Sunday, I'm running Changeling. Looking forward to that, expanding my understanding of Hero System and basically just getting ready for some fun. I got a bit of college, but I think things are going to go pretty well for me this weekend.

Good mood, good mood.

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