Alternative Plans

Last night, I think I hit an interesting point. Fluffy and I had a long conversation and I think it is time to look for a new job. Various factors, but I simply can't just accept things as they are now and I need to take care of her. And that is something I haven't been able to do for a while. Plus, I'm not exactly happy at work anymore. There are a bunch of other reasons, but I think it's finally time.

In slightly more cheerful new, the home improvement project I started in August is finally done. I just finished putting up the last two curtains (the only two things left since November) and we are now officially done. *cheer*. Now, I can open this sparkling white grape juice that has been sitting on my desk to remind me for the last endless months.

The next contingency plan on Ponies Among Us also started up. Most of my projects with a deadline have these risk plans, and I'm simply not getting enough done in time. This means some of my major plans, dynamically generated world without loading screens being the largest, is being put aside until after the contest. I broke the world down into 29 stages so far, including where I'm randomly hiding crystals, building up characters, and refining the skill sets.

I also started to draw out the first stage and hit a nasty road bump. I suck at drawing vector trees. So, that pushed me back a bit and I'm working on a tree maker program to speed up that process. I should have something workable by Thursday and I hope to have some screenshots for you (if you are interested) on Tuesday. First, I have to educate myself on L-systems in relation to making a semi-realistic looking tree. Simple, I'm sure. :P Version one... was not pretty.

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