Inspiration and a breather

Crunch time is over! Well, the boss is heading to the West Coast to sell the product I've been putting overtime into. I did poorly on one of my homework assignments during that week, apparently doing all that extra and burning myself out doesn't work well with high grades. Well, 89% which is a low grade for me in night school. Specially on a simple, two-page paper.

I was getting discouraged on my job search. Part of me was telling myself that the company is doing much better now and that I should just stay with it. This has happened before, the main reason I'm looking for a job, I need some consistency in money. I already talked to Fluffy about it and we have a plan if I have to stay in Illinois for a few years (two homes if we can afford it). But, as I was about to give up, a friend wandered in and reminded me of the pain I was going through a few months back, the entire reason I was looking. So, I'm happy.

And I got a nibble. The job search looks right, a good match. I'll tell the recruiter on Monday to submit me. And next week is perfect if I do have a job interview, boss is out of town at the convention.