Thursday Morning Bleorgs!

This morning, I was trying to plan out my weekend. I got Changeling on Sunday, but apparently that is Easter so its going to be a short game (I don't celebrate but some of my players do). On Friday, I'm planning on driving into Chicago to go to a book signing for Anton Strout*. I've never been to a book signing in my life, so I'm curious to see how they are run (I already have a good idea) but also to support my non-local writers. Yeah, that and I have this curiousity to see if Anton is the same as his writing. :) So, if you are in the Chicago area, take a bit to head into Chicago itself and throw money at a poor, starving artist**.

* Yeah, I reviewed his book yesterday. In general, I try to be objective as possible in reviews and my opinions of the book doesn't reflect my opinions of the writer. Knowing about it just gave me an excuse to find a book to read and to peel myself off my own computer.
** I'm not sure if he is starving, I mean how can someone starving be actually able to post so often. That would mean that blogging was like crack. But, I do support supporting writers and artists.

I also saw news that Elfquest is going to be released online for free! ElfQuest is one of those series that is highly influential in my world. In one of my worlds, the entire forest elves are based on the Wolfriders and some of the flavor of the different elves I contribute from ElfQuest directly. So, finding out they are all free, despite me having most of the main books, is one of those really awesome things about the Internet!

And a bit of watchporn. As you know, giving my last name of Moonfire, I'm occasionally a bit obsessed with the moon. This watch shows the phases of the moon, but this watch has multiple layers rotating in a moire pattern throughout the day. I wanna!