Jewish Rock?

So, in the close to eight hours of driving I did in the last three days, I have learned a lot about the radio stations between here and home. And, I can appreciate the country and rap/r&b (I like both), and I do enjoy Christan rock despite the fact I'm not Christan, but why isn't there any Jewish rock? Muslim metal? Just seems like there should be some.

So, went back home. Next week, Fluffy is coming here because her aunt broke her shoulder and is going downhill badly. After that, my eight year wedding anniversary, so I'm going back.

It was a good weekend for toys. Picked up three pairs of shoes, including two very comfortable Dr. Scholl business-looking shoes (one black, one brown) and new tennis shoes. My Sleep Number bed also showed up and I spent a happy thirty minutes assembling that myself. Not sure about the new remote, but since I got the cheapest possible with an upgraded remote, maybe that's normal.

I also got a letter from Fluffy and my USB barcode reader which refuses to work. :( Well, I'm sure I can get it working, just need to put a bit of effort, but I want to see if my hand-made UPC code actually worked properly. :)

I'm hoping to get settled in a bit better this week and start to find my groove. I haven't really yet, which is frustrating, but its only been a week since I started my job. Which I am enjoying greatly; but I really, really need to get my MP3 player working. The lack of music is driving me nuts.

And writing, still struggling with Best of Enemies, hopefully I'll finish that this week.