New foundation and some tunnels!

Yesterday, I got my replacement SleepNumber foundation. Yeah, I just got the bed, but the frame it sits on died already. The bed itself, oh, that's so lovely and even on the floor it is one of the most comfortable beds I ever had. Actually, it was just the foundation (basically the box spring without the spring) just got bent and I blame the legs. I'm giving up on the legs from SelectComfort. For our king, it was redundant and the installers promised they would be in a return request for us. They never did and we didn't really push it until the day we just tossed them. For the queen, this bed, the legs are on the edges but weight caused the middle to buckle where there were no legs. Armchair engineer says that you really should put at least two feet in the middle to prevent that, but what do I know?

So, this time, I took the legs off and left them off. The bed is about 12 cm too close to the ground, but far more comfortable than being just on the ground. And, since it is supported in the middle, it won't break on me.

I'd still recommend these beds to people, just don't bother with the legs for the queen (the king is two pieces so it is supported in the middle). So... comfortable...

In other news, I'm getting the bug to write and edit again, which is appropriate since I have but a week to finish this game contest. Focus issues abound in the mid-project depression. Last night, I got the start of the actual game started *gasp* with a bright red square flying around the screen, bouncing into another red square. Yes... exciting isn't it? Well, tonight, if I don't do board game night with some friends, I'll have it bouncing around the tunnels I just spent a week working on. Once I get it so you can go from junction to junction and the timer, I'll have the minimum "game" entry. Probably by Monday night.

Then, it will be a matter of making it more fun and maybe setting it up so you can actually make all million meters to "win" the game. Million meters starting in five minutes. :) And there is nothing in the game that adds to the time, but I'm planning on there being things that slow the time down, even if for just 30 seconds of real-time. Kind of like bullet-time in a space flight game.