Unplanned Time

Last night, I had the high expectations of finishing up the last big part of my game, Running Bomb. Got home a bit late because I gave a coworker a ride home and because I talk too much at work. Then, I had to make dinner *sigh* (I hate this dependency on protein some days). And then...

A friend's website went down. Now, I don't get paid to maintain the website, but I do it because I feel its right. So, I ended up spending about three hours trying to get the network to run smoothly with only 40 people hitting it at a time. Failed. Failed miserably actually, which annoyed me more than anything else since I should have been able to fix it.

So, that put me in a sour mood for the rest of the night and I got about, ten minutes of coding in. Plan? What's that? I'll throw it on the laptop before I go home for Fluffy's black belt test, but I doubt I'll get to it. Unless I'm really lucky on Sunday and Monday nights, I'm pretty much done. :(

In other news, I got paid today. Two in a row on time. Its still an amazing feeling and really helps with the stress levels. With Fluffy getting laid off, we are still juggling, but someone gave me an advance on five short story commissions, so that will really help later next week. The other cool part is I get to see what yen looks like, and then what a currency exchange looks like. :)

I know it works out in the end. Faith tells me that, but it doesn't mean its painless to get there. Next week, I'm planning on doing nothing productive except enter DVD's into the computer. Then, I start a round of editing with Wind, Bear, and Moon. And maybe to give it a new title? Something better sounding that Wind, Bear, and Moon.