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Bad Day

I am remarkably stressed. Financial reasons, of course, it feels like as soon as I get ahead, I get slammed back. The economic stimulus check is currently AWOL, the IRS doesn't know where it is much less anyone else (despite the fact they already pulled the money for what I owed months ago). My former employer is currently heading for her "death bed" which is another word for "I'll be sick so I can avoid people who want money" time. According to her, I'll "maybe" get money in mid-July. Its a juggling thing, which I hate. I know it will pass, but it is really hard to keep faith when you are in the middle of this.

I also ended up working on Running Bomb for "just one more day." It bothered me that I screwed up so much that I spent the night tracking down the problems on Windows and submitted it. A day late, of course, which means it won't be a viable entry into PGC, but it was important to me that I didn't submit something that was entirely crap.

  • http://mfgames.com/games/running-bomb/running-bomb-0.1.zip

Other than that, my heart is still beating and I'm still breathing.

Think I'll write.