I can has super continent?

So, after two hours, I have my proposed continent. Its a big one, the little bar on the bottom right is 625 km which makes it about 5 000 km from side to side (and up and down, I'm ignoring most projections). I went with a relatively Earth-sized planet (6 181 km radius verses our 6 378 km). That makes the continent about one-quarter the circumference of the world, which looks about twice as large as Africa and Asia combined. Being that it is pretty much the only continent (well, TBA on the other side) on the world, I figured that would be about the right size.

I haven't done the various terrains (desert, forest, plains, etc), but the rest of the map is based on one of my favorite map systems which shows elevations as higher points.

But, I'm pretty proud of what I got so far. I think it is beginning to look like a real map. If you are curious how I placed the mountains, I mainly created a tectonics layer which consisted of a bunch of overlapping random shapes. Where there was overlap, that is where the mountain range went in. A couple of them were marked as "low" while the rest of them were high, which is why the ranges mostly are near the coastlines.