The End After Three Hundred Weeks

World-Building - Tarsan

Lexember 31 - Hissan - relif

Lexember 30 - Hissan - egys

Lexember 29 - Hissan - astar

Lexember 28 - Hissan - tunas

Lexember 27 - Hissan - foosga

Lexember 26 - Hissan - lorkku

Lexember 25 - Hissan - bloom

Lexember 24 - Hissan - gyusplas

Lexember 23 - Hissan - gubbaba

Lexember 22 - Hissan - ogumma

Lexember 21 - Hissan - pilmsunnad

Lexember 20 - Hissan - eestor

Lexember 19 - Hissan - meraslan

Lexember 18 - Hissan - dissago

Lexember 17 - Hissan - aborlas

Lexember 16 - Hissan - clitici

Lexember 15 - Hissan - ookna

Lexember 14 - Hissan - gyolas

Lexember 13 - Hissan - toysa

Lexember 12 - Hissan - ca

Lexember 11 - Hissan - as

Lexember 10 - Hissan - boosly

Lexember 9 - Hissan - flinork

Lexember 8 - Hissan - adysin

Lexember 7 - Hissan - oplin

Lexember 6 - Hissan - gsach

Lexember 5 - Hissan - gsubi

Lexember 4 - Hissan - shik

Lexember 3 - Hissan - kasi

Lexember 2 - Hissan - misa

Lexember 1 - Hissan - soli

Future Plans

Pride Month Challenge

Author Intrusion and Naming Languages

Author Intrusion - I've Been Here Before

Poem - Why Not Let it Be?

Poem - My Father's Ring

Poem - A Child is Born

Poem - Love Among Girls

Poem - Fifty-Three Years

Poem - A Child On a Bed So Soft

Poem - Yes, Sir, I Understand

Poem - She Speaks For Death

Poem - Kill Them All

Poem - Pumps and Gears

Poem - The Stone and I Breathe

Poem - Wisps of Clouds

Poem - Unexpected Reduction of Memories

Two Hundred Weeks

Poem - Ageless and Invulnerable

Poem - I Am Shadows

Poem - Drifting Thoughts

Poem - Damn the Sands

Poem - The Desert Sleeps

Poem - Hush Child

Poem - He Said Yes!

Poem - Burnt Hills and Embers

Poem - Soft Browns

Poem - Black Skinned Monsters

Poem - Inscribing the Rune

Poem - A Stranger

Poem - I Love Them All

Poem - Leaving My Love

Poem - Sand Bites Hard Now

Poem - Spin, Drop, Slice

Poem - Bunny Tail

Poem - Waiting for Change

National Poetry Month

Started on Raging Alone

#Lexember 31 - woi

#Lexember 30 - zushichya

#Lexember 29 - ashyobyupa

#Lexember 28 - ogapi

#Lexember 27 - ikugafu

#Lexember 26 - oteza

#Lexember 25 - kufo

#Lexember 24 - hamani

#Lexember 23 - gatiru

#Lexember 22 - rimu

#Lexember 21 - pachyun

#Lexember 20 - faruku

#Lexember 19 - rukan

#Lexember 18 - hiropadu

#Lexember 17 - funami

#Lexember 16 - ogimo

#Lexember 15 - hanako

#Lexember 14 - aeno

#Lexember 13 - danichyo

#Lexember 12 - wufabi

#Lexember 11 - mobipo

#Lexember 10 - hofuma

#Lexember 9 - dodera

#Lexember 8 - rurafu

#Lexember 7 - ryuma

#Lexember 6 - rimyo

#Lexember 5 - ragofuchino

#Lexember 4 - tidona

#Lexember 3 - tejoki

#Lexember 2 - ryakochyani

#Lexember 1 - gupiji

Flight of the Scions is now beta!

The End, NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 44, and Coming Next

Life Cycles, Second-Hand Dresses 43, and Coming Next

Choose My Fate or What's Next?

Crashing, NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 42, and Coming Next

Underwhelming Projects, Second-Hand Dresses 41, and Coming Next

Marriage Proposals, Second-Hand Dresses 40, and Coming Next

Skipped Posts, Nearing the End, and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 39

Mailing Lists

Shorted Posts, Consent, The End is Nigh, and Second-Hand Dresses 36

NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 35

Second-Hand Dresses 34

Second-Hand Dresses 33

Lexember 31 - norikuchyofune

Lexember 30 - watefama

Lexember 29 - wamuchiso

Lexember 28 - tsukishi

Lexember 27 - yagumama

Lexember 26 - puruna

Lexember 25 - burukano

Lexember 24 - hachifobu

Lexember 23 - netune

Lexember 22 - soramifu

Lexember 21 - semura

Lexember 20 - gichyoku

Bodice Rippers and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 30

Lexember 19 - masotoru

Lexember 18 - dakyofu

Lexember 17 - taigona

Lexember 16 - uichifogu

Lexember 15 - iryoga

Lexember 14 - udimo

Lexember 13 - ditamafu

Emotions, Jealousy, and Second-Hand Dresses 29

Lexember 12 - datemo

Lexember 11 - widahogu

Lexember 10 - afukijomu

Award-Eligible Works for 2017

Lexember 9 - itochyoku

Lexember 8 - pumakyoni

Lexember 7 - kafuchi

Lexember 6 - monika

Second-Hand Dresses 28

Lexember 5 - gamibita

Lexember 4 - bidosomi

Lexember 3 - tsukokimu

Lexember 2 - chisogura

Lexember 1 - hogano

NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 27

Birth Control and Second-Hand Dresses 26

Second-Hand Dresses 25

Second-Hand Dresses 24

NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 23

NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 22

Gender Roles, Guilt, Archetypes, and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 21

Hair Color, Selling, Children with Parents in Polygamous Relationships, NaNoGenMo, and Second-Hand Dresses 20

NaNoGenMo, ICON, New Laptop, and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 19

NaNoGenMo Prep, ICON, and Second-Hand Dresses 18

Rain as a Mood, NaNoGenMo, and Second-Hand Dresses 17

More on Hair, Eye Colors, Falling Rain, and Second-Hand Dresses 16

Ideal Beauties, Standing Alone, Hair Color, and Second-Hand Dresses 15

New Cover, Cover Grammar, and Second-Hand Dresses 14

Stalking, Teasing, Masturbation, and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 13

Sex, Endings, and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 12

Relik da Martin ne Golid, The Unspeakable, and Second-Hand Dresses 11

Mindil, Weight in Romance, and Second-Hand Dresses 10

Maximum Velocity, Using Talents, Times, and Second-Hand Dresses 9

Adultery, Boys Will Not Be Boys, and Second-Hand Dresses 8

Changes to MfGames Culture

Fedran Website Improvements

Creative Blocks, High Society Superstitions, Finding Love, and Second-Hand Dresses 7

Origins, Hasan, Second-Hand Dresses 6, Spoilers, The Choice, and One More

High Society, Naming Conventions, and Second-Hand Dresses 5

Winding down working on Second-Hand Dresses

Romance, Bylines, NSFW Scenes, and Second-Hand Dresses 4

Advent Children, The End, Sand and Bone 35, What's Next

Closure, R5-D4 Plots, Patreon, and Sand and Bone 34

Mikáryo, Datobàpo, Flight of the Scions, Patrons, and Sand and Bone 33

Giveaways, Patrons, Sorrow Rides a Fast Horse, and Sand and Bone 32

Second-Hand Dresses 3

Master Plots, Book Identifiers, Wind's Teeth, and Sand and Bone 31

Anniversary, Website, and Sand and Bone 30

Bryan Aiello podcast

A Warrior's Fate, The Noble Death, and Sand and Bone 29

Violence, Mutual Destruction, Midnight Flight, Pacifism, and Sand and Bone 28

Idle Thoughts, Worn Ideas, The Choice, and Sand and Bone 27

Death Marches; Burnout; Publication Status; Sand and Blood v3; Sand and Bone 26

Losing Wars; Rites of Passage; Information Overload; Sand and Bone 25

Unreliable Narrator; Dragon Spirits; Progress; and Sand and Bone 24

Subtle Healing; Progress; and Sand and Bone 23

Editing; Front Matter; Italics; Sand and Bone 22

Teleportation; Midnight Flight; Sand and Bone 21

Power Discovery; Empowered; Sand and Bone 20

Sand and Bone 19, sorrow, and fear of the dark

Sand and Bone 18 and the noble death

Sand and Bone 17, Choice, and Wisdom

Sand and Bone 16, R5-D4 plots, and dragons

Sand and Bone 15 and speaking for gods

Sand and Bone 14, felony feedback, the Call, and anime fights

Sand and Bone 13, Nudity verses sex, Struggling for money

Sand and Bone 12, HERO system, and pacing

On #lexember 31, I present nakasabyofino or the joy of finishing a good book

On #lexember 30, I present tsudoku or an unread book

On #lexember 29, I present takawumofu or paper cut

On #lexember 28, I present wamifi or paper

Sand and Bone 11, foreshadowing, third person limited, and big cities

On #lexember 27, I present hagomami or accounting or book of accounts

On #lexember 26, I present akuregima or a book or registry of taxes owed

On #lexember 25, I present rogami or a registry or list of items

On #lexember 24, I present kojinomi kikochyo fakóri, The Book of Ash

On #lexember 23, I present nigafokura or a children's book or written story

On #lexember 22, I present fakori or a bound book

On #lexember 21, I present paryumichya or written instructions

Sand and Bone 10 and hair styles

On #lexember 20, I present sakofukika or a formalized description of a battle or fight

On #lexember 19, I present konufichya or essays or other factual descriptions

On #lexember 18, I present bifochyo or the western style of writing with vowels as accents on the consonants.

On #lexember 17, I present chofachi or the northern and eastern style of writing with separate vowels on the same line as the consonants

On #lexember 16, I present pafagukiki or printed advertisement, such as a poster or in a newspaper

On #lexember 15, I present pifagiki or advertisement

On #lexember 14, I present kosonomichyu or the details of how words are written or typed

Sand and Bone 9, a little lesson on Miwāfu, gender in the desert, and speaking for the spirits

On #lexember 13, I present wafukiki or a newspaper or poster

My publications for 2016

On #lexember 12, I present mafachichi or the sound of a mechanical printing press operating

On #lexember 11, I present mikodojyu or writing of prayers on sand using a finger

On #lexember 10, I present nijijya or the art of writing on temporary places such as sand or water

On #lexember 9, I present the fine art of the written marriage proposal or hyagofachyo

On #lexember 8, I present chyukofecho or legal writing or word puzzles

On #lexember 7, I give you binafichu or using writing in architecture

Sand and Bone 8, and traditional verses contemporary worship

On #lexember 6, I present edamofachya or the art of writing with embroidery

On #lexember 5, I present nupyakofichu or the art of miniature writing

On #lexember 4, I have nefocho or writing on persistent objects

On #lexember 3, I present nupyako for measuring the balance of type elements

pideki #lexember 2

pyoke #lexember 1

Sand and Bone 7, coming into power, and the powers of the dead

The last chapters of Flight of the Scions

Sand and Bone 6, Flight of the Scions 40, and connected plots

Sand and Bone 5, Flight of the Scions 39, splitting novels, and Exalted

Sand and Bone 4, Flight of the Scions 38, and preparations

Sand and Bone 3, Flight of the Scions 37, and epic fights

Sand and Bone 2, Flight of the Scions 36

Sand and Bone 1, Flight of the Scions 35

Sand and Blood is finished!

Sand and Blood 29, Flight of the Scions 34

Sand and Blood 28, Flight of the Scions 33, and social rules

Sand and Blood 27, Flight of the Scions 32, and mistakes

Sand and Blood 26, Flight of the Scions 31, and doubt

Sand and Blood 25, Flight of the Scions 30, and character depth

Sand and Blood 24, Flight of the Scions 29, and teachers

Sand and Blood 23, Flight of the Scions 28, and giant telepathic toads

Sand and Blood 21-22, Flight of the Scions 27, powers, and secrets

Sand and Blood 20, Flight of the Scions 26, death, and lessons

Sand and Blood 19, Flight of the Scions 25, and recovering from action

Sand and Blood 18, Flight of the Scions 24, seeing in the dark, and violence

Sand and Blood 17, Flight of the Scions 23, magical healing, and power addiction

Sand and Blood 16, Flight of the Scions 22, and differing personalities

Sand and Blood 15, Flight of the Scions 21, and telepathic computers

Sand and Blood 14, Flight of the Scions 20, and being weaker

Sand and Blood 13, Flight of the Scions 19, angels, and types of intelligence

Sand and Blood 12, Flight of the Scions 18, speech patterns, and the Industrial Age

Sand and Blood 11, Flight of the Scions 17, Sand and Ash status, abusive relationships, telepaths, and economics

Sand and Blood 10, Flight of the Scions 16, and gaining powers

Sand and Blood 9, Flight of the Scions 15 (again), five chapters of Sand and Bone, and injuries

Sand and Blood 8, Flight of the Scions 13 (again)

Sand and Ash

Sand and Ash 34

Sand and Ash 33, Flight of the Scions 14, miscarriages, and abortion

Sand and Ash 32, Flight of the Scions 14, and doubt

Sand and Ash 31, Flight of the Scions 13, living, and dying

Sand and Ash 30, Flight of the Scions 12, foreshadowing, and magical healing

Sand and Ash 29, Flight of the Scions 11, suicide, and racism

Sand and Ash 28, Flight of the Scions 10, and depression

Sand and Ash 27, Flight of the Scions 9, getting caught, and being a fool

Sand and Ash 26, Flight of the Scions 8, and mistakes

Sand and Ash 25, Flight of the Scions 7, and love

Sand and Ash 24, Flight of the Scions 6, and dog girls

Sand and Ash 23, Flight of the Scions 5, Falling in Love, and Dreams

Sand and Ash 22, Flight of the Scions 4, Hard Lessons, and Garèo

Sand and Ash 21, Flight of the Scions 3, Rejection

Sand and Ash 20, Flight of the Scions 2, Obsession, and Hope

Well, that was anti-climatic

Sand and Ash 19, Flight of the Scions 1

Sand and Ash 18, Flight of the Scions, and Second-Hand Dresses

Sand and Ash 17, Autism, and Making Mistakes

Sand and Ash 16, Banyosiōu

MfGames Culture work, Reviews, and other plans

Sand and Ash 15, Phrases of Affection

Sand and Ash 14, Drinking

Sand and Ash 13, Mikáryo

Sand and Ash 12, Punishments, Closure

Sand and Ash 11, Sterility

Sand and Ash 10 and Tsubàyo

Sand and Ash 09 and a hint of what is coming

Sand and Ash 08 and working too hard

Sand and Ash 07 and falling in love badly

Sand and Ash 06, Faríhyo, and Kiríshi

Sand and Ash 05 and Being Subtle

Sand and Ash 04 and Being Different

Tarsan Famlies, Building Cultures, and Naming

Sand and Ash 03, Pacifism, and the Chosen One

Sand and Ash, Creative Commons, and Patreon

Sand and Blood v1.2.0

Creating a Fictionary

Meandering This Week

Rolling up the Weekend

Tarsan Standard Calendar

Journals of Fedran is at a stopping point

Journals of Fedran covers

Journals of Fedran progress

I'm Not Your Target Audience

Journals of Fedran idea

Why I chose the desert


Something completely different

Miwāfu Glyphs Redux - Basic Font

Miwāfu Glyphs Redux - Vectors

Miwāfu Glyphs Redux - Scanning

Miwāfu Glyphs Redux - Redrawing

R5-D4 Plots

Adding novel quotes

And a lovely Monday to say the least

Making a calendar look good

mansupi tachira ripōchya (solar calendar)

World-building and calendars

Time keeps on passing

Miwāfu glyphs