Why I'm frustrated

On Sunday morning, I sent an email:

I would like a bit more detail on how to recover my grade. Up to three weeks ago, I had everything right, but I seem to be missing some set of critical details that is causing my grade to plummet. Could you please give me some suggestions on what I need to do to rewrite this to fit the assignment better?

Also, how do you want me to handle the fact I work for a company with no training budget and has never made any effort to train its employees. I also don't understand how you want me to handle that the lack of budget to hire new employees, which would be the bulk of the training expense even if we have it.

Two days later, after the assignment was due and it was too late to change anything. Only one sentence.

All companies should have training for new employees.

And then she gave me a D for the entire week. No explanation, just simply 60% for the entire week.


You know what? This has probably been the worse college class I have had in my entire life. I managed to get through every class in this school with a 100%, had teachers that were wonderful and helpful, actually answered the questions I asked and I didn't fail. Then I get this. It comes down to math, 6 weeks of 100% and then this crap. I rewrote my entire final AGAIN (since she gave me even less of a score this time) and submitted it. Now, I can only hope since obviously I didn't learn a damn thing in the last three weeks.

I know I did something wrong. I have a good idea but for the last two weeks, I simply had no feedback to explain what I was doing wrong. And, I probably bombed the class because of it. I feel impotent and frustrated, because my grade is dependent on some teacher who simply doesn't care to even read my emails.