Well, checking out my final grades for the class, it looks like I managed to pull down a B in the class from hell (hand calculated, not reported). I got 7 points knocked off from the last week, most likely because I didn't respond to anything past Wednesday night (when I abandoned my apartment and computer because of flooding), but that is only 0.7% of my grade which isn't enough to push me into the A range even if I explained the flooding problem.

I'm unhappy with the grade, being somewhat of a perfectionist, but I don't think this is really worth the battle. I filed my complaints about the teacher in the post-class survey and I think that is enough. No one will win if I keep hammering it and it wasn't my best class anyways; most of it didn't apply to my life up to this point and I seem to cruise in classes if I've already experienced it in "real life". So, a B is good enough for me and I'm glad that my first half of the class (99% for the first half of the class) managed to help me.

Means I'll probably not graduate with a "summa cum laude" but... oh well. I still have 6 more of these classes and I'll get A's in most of them (I hope). I'll just avoid the teacher in general and just put it behind me.