Lovely Monday

Its a lovely Monday in the middle of a crappy week. Well, not entirely crappy, but busy. Spent most of the weekend alternating between lazing on the couch and working on the basement. Hour after hour of pulling clips from ceilings, trying to figure out why the furnace is leaking, and otherwise getting ready to drywall and ceiling a room. And it is all due by Thursday night since I leave on Friday for Illinois of more work and labor. At least next weekend's stuff won't be solo work; I hate working alone in a basement with nothing but my thoughts. I get all these ideas for stories, but I can't do anything with them. Instead, they just play in my head so long that they lose their energy and fade away from overthinking.

As things stand, the earliest I'll get back to my apartment is Monday night (a week from today). Even if the apartment is opened up on Friday, I'll be in Illinois throwing out trash and getting kitties to bring to Iowa.

Finished the second draft of Victim of Love which I'm planning on submitting to Edge of Propinquity, assuming I didn't miss some critical fact about the submission process. Anyone want to read it and give me feedback on it? The intersection of email access and my laptop happens tomorrow (1 hour on Tuesdays and Saturdays at this point) to send it out. Otherwise, I'm planning on being busy the entire week trying to get this all ready for my kitties.