Wanted: Homebuyer

CARPENTERSVILLE, IL: Wanted, someone interested in a lovely 2,400 square foot home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Must like short walks to the nearby theater and living on a dead-end street with very little traffic. Must at least appreciate the wooded lot you don't pay taxes for. Driveway can handle up to seven cars with a 2-car attached garage. Great place for kids, walking distance to two schools, a few miles to a large mall, and basically central to everything but a theme park. People wanting to live within 6 miles of I-90 in a Chicago suburb only. Or 10 miles from the train station with the secret train at 05:40.

This week, I hope to have my house on the market. Amazingly, the housing market isn't doing the greatest at the moment, but I still have Faith that it will sell properly. Plus, look at it, its a rather nice place and we were more than lucky to get it in the first place. But, it needs to move to a new homer so we continue our master plan of moving to Iowa to have children and grow old. Its scary but exciting, but the hard part really is to come.

You know... actually having children.

I also migrated my cats to Iowa. They are sullenly staying in the basement of the in-laws. The eldest is doing absolutely fine, exploring and curious and basically settled right in. The youngest is the sullen one and refuses to move anywhere besides the cat carrier. The middle one is just sleeping a lot, but not really doing anything interesting. Only my oldest girl is actually cuddling with me though it is more of a "pet me now!" that she's done for 16 years. And drooling, but that's normal too.

Still not in my apartment. Ladylady said call back on Monday, so we are on a day-to-day updates until I find out. Nothing I can do about that, but I'm anxious to settle again. And write. I really want to have the energy to write. Since I can't, I'm reading some books and being available for the kitties.