Writer's Block

I do believe I'm experiencing writer's block. At least, I spent three hours in the basement of my in-laws writing with the kitties who mostly paid attention to me (Trillian refuses to move still, I'm getting a bit worried but its only day 2). Three hours and I managed to only get 300 words and rewrote the chapter three times. And I still hate it. Every single damn word.

According to the landlady, its going to be another two days until there is a chance I'll get back into my apartment. This is not helping my stress levels. I'm also getting a bit frustrated while living in a house that appears to be mostly opposed to my religious, political, and sexual views. Not to mention racist.

Last night, I got into a discussion with MiL as she insisted that rap music wasn't real music because they make it up all the time. And it was from blacks. *sigh* I agree that the more violent stuff (killing, theft, rape) is probably not a good influence, but it is a proper music style and there are still some good rappers who don't talk about any of that. And she didn't believe me when I said most rap is practiced and written down. She insisted, beyond any doubt, that there is no way you could find sheet music for rap because it isn't real music.


On the other hand, it is nice to experience something beyond my normal comfortable views. Reminds me of why I argue so much at times. We just have a problem of absolutes. Both of the in-laws really think in black and white and everything is absolute to them and I'm unwilling to move away from my view of tolerance of everything and apathy of differences. It just seems like there is no chance of compromise on these things. And I can easily see why the world polarizes so easily on issues, because people refuse to budge on their opinions. I've changed my mind on big issues (death penalty for example, but probably never on abortion) but it is seems to hard to work with people completely opposite of your beliefs and unwilling to change anything.

I also got stressed out by a damn Duracell commercial.