POV Question

While obssessing about one detail, I came up with an interesting question: point of view (POV).

I have two writing styles when it comes to POV in novels. One is a single POV throughout the entire story, one character and you get to know them intimately. And as a reader, you simply don't know anything the main character doesn't know. I used this in DL, which is currently the story with the best response (fan art counts pretty highly there) I have ever had. It is also the method I used in QoF, some serials and most of my short stories, but relatively few of my novels.

The other is the roving one where every chapter has a different POV. I use this in MG, DG, Flight of the Scions and Muddy Reflections. Most of the time, it switched between four and six characters. I have one where there are up to twelve, but otherwise, its pretty set number of views.

Now, the question: what is easier to read? Is it better to have one character and develop them inside and out (like most UF seems to be) or to move around and see how the world changes from everyone's point of view? Just an informal question, since there really is No One True Answer. I'm just curious if it impacts the appeal of a story.