Brokeback Ice River

No, no hot yaoi action for me this weekend. Or slow, dramatic yaoi either. But, I did end up forcing myself to get through my writer's block and somewhere around Saturday afternoon, it finally just shattered around me. It was almost like downshifting from 5th to 1st in the middle of the I-90 when I went from struggling with every damn sentence to filling in three pages in 40 minutes. And, it happened in the same place as last time, in the middle of a romantic interaction. Then, on Sunday, I managed to get out another five thousand words in a few hours; not my full speed, but still pretty zippy for me.

Back on May, I decided I was going to make June my writing month. Work on Flight of the Scions and the choir of angles would sing out in acute tenor and the world would be great. Then, there was that couple billion cubic feet of water that interrupted everything just settling into place and I just faltered. And it took me 1.5 months just to recover from that. And it took a card table in a basement with miserable cats to get me past it.

I'm working on an older serial, the Exalted/World of Warcraft crossover (DNW), that I never finished. It is filled with yummy romance and splashes of blood everywhere. Completely and utterly, non-sellable on any market. *sigh* I suspect that is one reason I've drifted from Exalted in general, I can't really use it to further my career significantly--the odds of White Wolf looking for an Exalted writer approaches nil, but I keep hoping. I'm going to finish 2-3 chapters, then take a break to do a short story for the White Wolf fan contest (must. enter. again.), then just work on it to the end. I finished DL's in 62 days, but I'm not going to write to burnout this time. But, I need closure on this, otherwise I'll keep feeling it is a nagging todo list item on my notebook.

I'm also hoping Fluffy will finish giving me some corrections to Victim of Love so I can submit it to The Edge of Propinquity this month. She found a few typos here and there, but I don't really have anyone else to ask for help, so I'm just going on faith of my writing skill.

Yeah, it will push back Flight seriously, but I'm going to extend my writing period for a few months and set aside most of the programming bits (baring website design on 4 sites). Part of that is coming from this feelingthat I have to choose, at least for the next few months, one or the other of my primary interests. And I suspect this choice might extend further than that, then be reinforced by the Salmon Plan (i.e. Master Plan).

If I'm sticking with writing for a while, I might actually try to find a writers group and commit again. Too bad, I can't seem to find one in the IC-CR corridor.

Of course, like salmon on the icy rivers, this plan is subject to getting screwed and killed, probably one right after the other.