Character Flaws: Unbiased

I ended up being about 10 minutes late for work today because I got drawn into a set of philosophical and political discussions. For some reason, I have a serious craving for these things, even when I'm late for something I enjoy... like work. In this case, it came down a single question:

How can you call a show unbiased when you acknowledge it brings people identified as liberals on, lets them talk, then tells them they are idiots?

For me, I consider that one of the definitions of bias. It has one, but this was the result of discussing a certain news channel (Ch7) verses another news channel (Ch9) with MiL. According to her, Ch7 is unbiased because it gives McCain more press and it has more coverage of the war on Iraq. And that, according to her, Ch9 has already decided that Obama is going to win, so they don't cover anything else. And, for her, that is a huge bias.

I didn't disagree with that last bit. Ch9 is biased. They don't cover McCain that much. I don't like his policies on my hot buttons, so it doesn't bother me. Obama also doesn't really appeal to my hot buttons, so I don't really care about him either.

I also stated that Ch7 and Ch9 are both biased and you have to take it into account when you listen to any reporting. And, that being aware of the bias doesn't mean its wrong, it just means the language, presentation, and content that is on the show will be geared toward their expected audience. Naturally, I come from the foundation that every single person has a certain view of the world, but like attracts to like and channels have a tendency to hire people who agree with at least the majority of a given bias of a show.

But, ignore who is right and wrong because that is an unsolvable--its a matter of pride which really has no resolution.

Naturally, she thinks she is completely and utterly right in her point of view and I think I'm right. Coming out of that, I realized that I don't do that in my writing. I don't have characters who are self-centered in their view of truth and still are likable.

The key part is likable. I like my in-laws, they are kind people who have given me a home for almost two months. They take care of me and they help me. They are generous and sweet. Yes, they are racist, sexist and frustrating, but I like them anyways. They just come from such a different foundation of history, beliefs and views and I want to learn how to write that. To write about someone who has such a severe difference from myself and not trash or attack them.

If I wrote about someone now, someone with an opposing view, they would naturally gravitate toward being the antagonist of the story. Because I think it is the wrong view of the world. Looking at it, however, I think I need to learn how to write someone who views truth as that. I'm just not entirely sure how to make them... nice.