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LEGO Minatures?

Now, this is going to be pretty obvious for just about everyone in the world but me, but I was wandering around the Internet for a break of doing programming and I came up to Brikwars. Now, I'm not really into the mechanics in general, but reading through the rules gave me an interesting idea: using LEGO (and related) products as miniatures.

I love miniatures in general, more so for gaming. And those little suckers are rather extensive in pieces and parts and I could rebuild them more easily than the plaster models I've been lusting after at GenCon all these years, and relatively speaking, more flexible than anything else I considered for doing scenes. I would spent hours working on something that would only be used once then never seen again. And mixing and matching the figures would let me create a wide variety of characters with very little effort.

They also have a set measuring system built in (the studs) and you could easily say a 4x4 stud square is a "square" for purposes of the game. That isn't normal, but since a figure stands on 2 studs, give them a 1 stud to the side to handle their arms and you're golden. Assuming you want a grid system, that is. Of course, I'd have to give up hex grids, but I could live with that.

Wonder if it would work?

Wonder why I never even thought of this before?

Wonder why I just gave away all my bricks two months ago?