Juggling Schedules

Getting situated back into my apartment again. That part is nice, but it always takes so many days to really get comfortable. My insomnia wasn't nearly as bad as two days ago, five hours sleep instead of three. But, I'm still so happy to be in my own bed, I just have all these ideas burning in my head that desperately want to get out. And they sit on the foot of my bed, telling me I should be writing instead of sleeping. As I get more in place, things will get better. I just need to work on it.

Despite all that, I couldn't really write much last night. I finished the second draft of Unspoken Violence and planned on turning it in, but then didn't put it on a thumbdrive this morning. I'll do that tomorrow or get Internet in my apartment (still waiting) so I don't have to sneakernet it. That would be nice.

A working phone would also be awesome.

Speaking of awesomes, I was reading my RSS feeds and saw the Freestyle in Blender project is moving forward nicely. I've been anxiously waiting for this since my hand-drawing skills aren't that great, but I model much better. I've decided to redo all my site themes this year (even the two I just redid but don't like right now). For the d.moonfire.us site (which doesn't exist), I wanted to go with a steam-style theme that uses NPR (non-photorealistic) for technical-style drawings. I can make gears and pistons, and this will hopefully give it a nice feel. So, having Freestyle in Blender will make that part much easier. I love NPR.

Was the "Character Flaws" posts useful or just me babbling? It seemed like an interesting idea, just not sure if anyone even read them. :)