Flood water draining...

The flood comes in a rush,
Pounding down the streets,
Amidst the panic, pomp, and protocols.

When the water drains,
The recovery starts anxiously
It takes a bit longer
Okay, a lot longer
But there isn't so much on TV
And a lot less speeches

Then, the summer comes
When the roads are bone dry
And the repairs slowly complete
When the paperwork takes forever
And the world already forgot the waters
And moved on to the next crisis
It is that tail end that gets me
When every little thing is a fight
And being numb is no longer an option
You have to look for the future
And slowly recover your life
One tiny piece at a time

Submitted Unspoken Violence today to White Wolf's fan contest. I got a confirmation email which is just nice when you send email submissions anywhere. A tiny little detail. Of course, the intern (I think) who handles this is probably swamped with entries. I'll find out in December probably if I won, otherwise I'll throw it on my website.

I'm also still recovering my utilities. Everything but phone and cable are up and running. Both are sending technicians "sometime". Frustrating and slow, but its one of the last few things to get my apartment back up and running. And to handle the Internet withdrawal.

Other than that, I'm going to get my Iowa's drivers license today so I can be all official and have a voting place that doesn't require 3 hours to drive to.